The Transfix Pledge to Sustainability

Sustainability is a topic that has been thrust into the national consciousness. From Greta Thunberg's impassioned speech at the U.N.'s Climate Action Summit, to countless commercials touting companies' commitment to environmentally sound practices, sustainability is no longer a footnote, it's a headline.  

On a yearly basis trucks dead-head an average of 65 billion miles. That’s 46 round trips between Mars and Earth.

On a yearly basis trucks dead-head an average of 65 billion miles. That’s 46 round trips between Mars and Earth.

Here at Transfix, sustainability is a central part of our mission. Through research and data, we've been able to scope the size and scale of the problem. Nearly 25% of miles are driven with empty trailers, or “dead-head.” That number alone equates to 65 billion miles per year, or to further quantify -- that’s multiple round trips to Mars. 

Consider how much CO2 is emitted per truck when we factor in detention time, overall idle time, and the lack of parking available to drivers. Approximately 22.38 pounds of CO2 are produced by burning a gallon of diesel fuel -- trucks alone require anywhere from 125-300 gallons of diesel fuel. Let’s take a look at the math: 

300 gallons of diesel x 22.38 pounds of CO2 = 6,714 pounds of CO2 emitted per truck.

Our technology is transforming the transportation industry, simultaneously reducing the average amount of CO2 emissions. Through route optimization and a machine learning algorithm that takes into account carrier lane preference, Transfix's platform can remove a sizeable amount of CO2 from the atmosphere. Environmental impact is at the forefront of our founders’ minds. “One of our major initiatives is providing carriers with their next pickup opportunity as close to their delivery location as possible,” says Jonathan Salama, our CTO and co-founder, “As of today, the industry average is nearly 100 miles between drop-off and pickup. As a company, we’re currently averaging 40 miles, and shrinking that number below 20 miles will be possible thanks to our algorithm and innovative data team. Shorter distances between drop-off and pickup increases carrier reliability and drastically reduces a truck’s carbon footprint. That’s the beauty of what we’re working on. It’s a win-win, both economically and environmentally.”

Transfix is dedicated to sustainable solutions not only for its customers, but also for its employees as well. Within the midtown headquarters, our staff prides itself on the overall reduction of waste, using recycled materials, and relying heavily on technology - not paper - to collaborate with one another. 

In September, companies like Google, Ikea, and Target pledged to consider environmental initiatives, including the use of renewable energy in an effort to positively impact climate change by signing a “We Are In” open letter to the United Nations. This letter pledges to help reduce carbon emissions by 26% by 2025. As a company, we pledge to innovate and empower carriers in their pursuit of eliminating every single empty mile. We will continue to develop tools that will revolutionize the standard practices of trucking as a whole in the pursuit of a more efficient and environmentally sound industry.