Forbes Names Transfix "Next Billion-Dollar Startup" in 2018

We are beyond proud to announce that Transfix was just selected as one of Forbes’ 25 Next Billion-Dollar Startups, a prestigious honor that speaks to the massive challenge we are working tirelessly to solve and the progress we have made.

Since we founded Transfix five years ago, we have had a singular goal: to leverage cutting-edge technology to make the lives of truck drivers better and to make our customer’s supply chains more efficient. Trucking is essential to helping the nation’s largest enterprises move freight and deliver products to customers. Yet, each year, there are 65 billion empty miles driven. Some attribute this to a shortage of drivers, but we believe that the real issue is the inefficient, manual processes that are still used to book and manage freight.

We’ve never been satisfied with this status quo, and together, with our joint roots in trucking and technology, we set out to solve the real problems plaguing the industry. Our tech development has focused on improving execution. We allow shippers to book loads much more effectively while driving increased ROI to our carriers; we do so by eliminating wasted time and wasted miles . And, by doing this, we are improving the lives and experiences of thousands of truck drivers across the country.

The whole team at Transfix wants to thank Forbes for this recognition. Back to work!


Our best,

Drew McElroy (CEO, Co-Founder), Jonathan Salama (CTO, Co-Founder)

PressGrace Kim