A new look and feel for Transfix

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When you log in to Transfix, you’ll notice a new design for the Transfix interface. Months ago, we unveiled new branding on this website that better reflects the aspirations of our company and our products. Now we are pleased to introduce this branding and design change to the Transfix web interface.

As you navigate around you will notice a few key enhancements that stay true to our mission of building innovative technology tools that make the process of moving truckloads simple and intuitive.

While you will still be able to track your shipments and your drivers in the same way, there are several enhancements to the overall experience.

Easier to digest information. Easy access to the most relevant information is fundamental to a great user experience, so we redesigned the shipment workflow to group similar information together and elevate the most important information. The result is a shorter shipment page that highlights the most critical details. Based on user feedback, we also added useful details like the type of equipment being used on the load.

Before: The previous version of the Transfix interface included fewer shipment details. The shipment tracking map took up considerable real estate on the page.

After: Information is easier to digest with less scrolling. The shipment map takes up less space but can be enlarged if needed. Subtler changes include a new logo and color scheme for the interface.

Creating and duplicating shipments is easier. In the previous version, you couldn’t create a multi-stop shipment between pickup and delivery within the same screen and that frustrated many of our users. This latest release fixes this by adding a multi-stop option to the shipment workflow.

More responsive design. We want to make the experience as seamless as possible whether you are using Transfix on your desktop or on a mobile device. While we have always designed our interface with this in mind, we made further enhancements to provide the same experience across computing environments. As a result, you shouldn’t notice any difference whether you are accessing Transfix through a desktop or a mobile web browser.

Navigate around the new Transfix and email us at support@transfix.io with your feedback on what you think of this new version. As we continue working on enhancing these technology tools based on your feedback, we will update you here on the Transfix blog.

If you’re not yet a Transfix customer and you are intrigued to hear more about our automated truckload marketplace solutions, give us a call at (929) 293-0410 and we will be happy to give you a demo of our latest tools.

Topics: Product Launch, Uncategorized, UX Design